Omnium Timing Rules

Each rider's general classification in the Omnium will be calculated by summing that rider's time in all individual events, measured according to USAC rule 3H4.b, taking into account any time bonuses and penalties.

In case two or more riders are tied in their final general classifications, fractions of seconds from their time trial times will be added to their omnium totals to break the tie. Any remaining ties will be broken according to USAC rule 3H4.c.i.

Time Trial

Any rider who is up to a minute late to their start will not be given an adjusted start time. Such riders will start immediately with their original start time.

Any rider late to their start by one minute or more will be given a new start time and penalized 1 minute.

Road race

There will be no time bonuses for the road race.


The following time bonuses will be offered for the criterium.

Stage Finish - Time bonuses of 10'', 6'', and 4'' will be awarded to the top three finishers.

Intermediate Sprints - Time bonus primes will be offered approximately every 15 minutes, with 3'', 2'', and 1'' bonuses awarded to the top three places.

For example, a 30 minute race will have 1 intermediate sprint and 1 stage finish bonus. A 45 minute race will have 2 intermediate sprints and 1 stage finish bonus.

Non-omnium riders will consume time bonuses.  For example, if a rider skips the TT then takes 2nd in the crit finish, the 10'' stage finish bonus will be awarded to the crit winner,  the 4'' bonus to 3rd place in the crit, and no one will receive the 6” bonus.

Racers lapped or pulled from the crit will be given pro-rated time gaps according to USAC rule 3H6.g.