Team Rides & Event Calendar

Ride Submissions

Going on a ride? We can get it on the BD calendar.

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Ride Leader
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Ride Date
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Social Event Submissions

Got an idea for a BD social event? Submit it here.

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Social events - 1-2x per month, organized by social chair or exec committee (?) - TBD

Ideas include dinner/drinks, brewery tours, bike-related factory tours, bike race viewing parties, bowling, non-biking activities (kayaking, hiking, etc.)

The team may implement a group of ~5 'Ride Leaders' to lead rides, in addition to the Exec Committee leading at least 4 of these rides.

Tentative Schedule (potentially, but not limited to):

Weekend Rides

1x/mo - 15-30miles, easy pace

1x/mo - 30-50 miles, moderate pace

1x/mo - 45+ miles, hard training

1x/mo - mountain/gravel ride

1x/mo - women-focused training ride (men may also attend)

1x/mo - women-only ride

Weekday Rides

1 ride mid-week every other week.

'Fun Rides'

2x/mo (5-15 miles), like Donut/Terrace rides

Skills clinics - 2x before each season (road, mountain, CX)