Brazen Dropouts Team Values

The Brazen Dropouts club honors these core values above anything else:

First and foremost, we value the great friendship and lasting comradeship that results from each of us coming together and sharing the mutual enjoyment of amateur bicycle racing.

All of us have different goals associated with our racing. Each person should strive to recognize each other's goals and support fellow teammates in reaching their individual cycling goals.

All of us have different, important outside obligations, including family, work/careers, school and other interests that require our time and attention. Each person recognizes other's outside obligations and supports teammates in successfully balancing their outside obligations and their racing.

We acknowledge that we have a special organization, one that has outlasted many others. The reason for our specialness and longevity can be traced to the following values and guidelines of conduct:

  1. We have deep appreciation from the camaraderie and friendship we get from cycling, therefore; Think of people first.
  2. We strive to treat our sponsors with integrity, therefore; Be an active, considerate and positive representative of our sponsors in all interactions with the public. Wear your jersey as often as possible on training rides.
  3. We look around at others who physically or mentally burnt out on racing and realize that by keeping this club and our racing pursuits fun, we succeed as individuals on and off our bikes. The untimely death of our teammates, Dave Kagy and Sergio de la Torre, has reinforced our understanding of how precious and fragile are this club and our racing careers, therefore;
    1. In order to keep the club's operations from being a burden on a small group of people, teammate participation in club affairs is required. Teammates who do not actively participate in putting on our annual events will be dropped from the club, unless they have a very good reason that has been explained in advance. The goal of putting on the race is to spread the burden and, by doing so, actually have fun putting it on.
    2. Take your racing seriously, but not too seriously.
    3. Never lose your sense of humor.

By-laws of the Brazen Dropouts Cycling Club


  1. This organization shall be known as the "Brazen Dropouts Bicycle Racing Club", commonly known as the Brazen Dropouts.


  1. The objective of the Brazen Dropouts is to promote bicycle racing in a manner consistent with the Team Values statement.

ARTICLE III: Membership

  1. Membership is open to all persons. A full membership is granted annually for a calendar year when applied for by December 31st of the previous year. Partial year memberships are granted at any time of the year, but the benefits of full membership are at the discretion of the Executive committee.
  2. In applying for membership, members absolve the Brazen Dropouts, its officers and members, of any responsibility for loss, damage or injury as a result of participation in activities sponsored by the Brazen Dropouts. Parents or legal guardians of persons under the age of 18 must sign a waiver absolving the Brazen Dropouts of any liability.
  3. A member must assist in at least two major activities sponsored by the Brazen Dropouts.
  4. A member is encouraged to race, but is not required to do so. The club recognizes that there are many other ways that a member can participate in cycling to promote bicycle racing. This includes raising community awareness of cycling by just getting out on a bicycle.

ARTICLE IV: Officers and Duties

  1. The Executive committee consists of four elected officers:

    1. President - Is a spokesperson for and represents the Brazen Dropouts when dealing with other organizations, schedules and presides over meetings, and is ultimately responsible for the smooth operation of the Brazen Dropouts.

    2. Vice President - Assists the President and assumes the duties of the President in his absence, whether temporary or permanent due to resignation or removal of the President from office.

    3. Treasurer - Manages finances, prepares, files and maintains financial records of the Brazen Dropouts.

    4. Secretary - Prepares meeting minutes and all non-financial records of the Brazen Dropout.

  2. Elections - Officers are elected annually by a majority of the members present at a scheduled meeting and serve a July 1 - June 30. There is no limit to the number of terms an officer may serve. Multiple members may share the responsibilities of any office of the Executive committee when approved by a majority of the membership present at a scheduled membership meeting,

  3. Vacated offices - If an officer is removed, resigns or is otherwise unable to complete his term, a membership meeting must be scheduled by the remainder of the Executive committee for the purposes of filling the vacated office(s). In the interim, the remaining members of the Executive committee assume the responsibilities of the vacated office.

  4. Removal from office - Any member of the Executive committee may be removed from office, for any reason, by a two-thirds majority of the membership present at a scheduled membership meeting.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

  1. Membership meetings are scheduled as necessary by the President or a majority of the Executive committee.
  2. A member may ask the President or the Executive committee to schedule a membership meeting.
  3. A written petition of one-fourth of the current membership is sufficient to call a membership meeting.
  4. Membership meetings are normally scheduled with two weeks notice, but one week is sufficient notice when there are urgent items that need consideration.
  5. A quorum at a scheduled membership meeting is one-third of current members or 20 members, whichever is less.
  6. The agenda is prepared by the President and the Executive committee or the membership responsible for calling the meeting.
  7. Items for the agenda may be submitted by any member to the President for inclusion in a scheduled meeting.

ARTICLE VI: Committees

  1. Executive committee - As indicated in ARTICLE IV.1, the Executive committee is made up of the four elected officers: the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The chief purpose of the Executive committee is to coordinate the operations of the Brazen Dropouts, which includes managing its affiliations (ARTICLE VIII). All committees of the Brazen Dropouts report to the Executive committee. Committee responsibilities can be limited or broadened in scope as necessary.
  2. Sponsorship committee - Manages sponsor relationships and contracts.
  3. Bike Swap committee - Manages all aspects of preparation for and operation of the annual Bicycle Swap in January.
  4. Race committee - Manages all aspects of road races, time trials and criteriums that are promoted by the Brazen Dropouts.
  5. Cyclocross committee - Manages all aspects of cyclocross races that are promoted by the Brazen Dropouts.
  6. Clothing committee - Manages the ordering and distribution of the race clothing by the Brazen Dropouts. Assists the Membership committee in maintaining a current member list.
  7. Membership committee - Manages all aspects of memberships in the Brazen Dropouts, including the maintenance of a current membership list, signed waivers from junior members and membership policy.
  8. Website committee - Maintains all aspects of the club's Internet presence: the website and email groups, the contract with the Web hosting service, domain name registration.
  9. Under 23 Racing Development committee - Manages recruitment and development of junior racers through age 23. Coordinates membership requirements with the Membership committee.
  10. Competition Development and Training committee - Manages and coordinates practice criterium series and educational clinics for cyclocross, road race, criteriums, time trials, training and physiology.
  11. Social and Awards committee - Manages official team gatherings such as the annual end of the year party and awards.
  12. Other committees - Ad hoc committees may be formed by order of the Executive committee. Such a committee has specific tasks directed by the Executive committee. Upon the completion of these tasks the committee is dissolved.


  1. The fiscal year of the Brazen Dropouts shall be a calendar year, beginning March 1 and ending the last day of February.
  2. The Executive committee is responsible for preparing and proposing an annual budget to the general membership of the Brazen Dropouts. This budget must be approved by a majority of the members present at a scheduled membership meeting.
  3. A financial report is prepared and presented annually by the Treasurer.
  4. Upon the request of any member and with the approval of a majority of members at a membership meeting, the financial records may be opened for inspection at any time of the calendar year.

ARTICLE VIII: Affiliations

  1. The Brazen Dropouts is a member club of the United States Cycling Federation.
  2. The Brazen Dropouts is a member club ofthe Wisconsin Cycling association.

ARTICLE IX: Announcements

  1. The website, and an email list (, and/or are used to announce meetings and other relevant news for club members.

ARTICLE X: Amendments

  1. These Bylaws can be amended at any time at a scheduled membership meeting by a majority of the Executive committee and a quorum of the members present. The amendment is to be submitted in writing to the Executive committee at least two weeks in advance of a scheduled membership meeting.

ARTICLE XI: Dissolution

  1. The Brazen Dropouts can be dissolved at any time by a two-thirds majority of the members present at a membership meeting specifically scheduled for this purpose. If the Brazen Dropouts is dissolved, the Executive committee will determine the remaining debt-free assets and donate these assets to the Wisconsin Cycling Association, a recognized 501(c)(3).