Brazen Dropouts Team Values

The Brazen Dropouts club honors these core values above anything else:

  1. Teamship, teammates and camaraderie are more important than race finishes.

  2. All members are considered equal in the eyes of the club, regardless of race category, skill level, cycling discipline, age, race, gender, and ethnicity.

  3. Members are encouraged to, but not required to race. Take your racing seriously, but not too seriously.  

  4. Our team is only successful when everyone acts in the best interest of the club and invests some of their own personal time back into the club.

  5. We understand that cycling does not always come first in our lives.  

  6. Our sponsors are equal members to the team.  The Brazen Dropouts must represent our sponsors and affiliates as we do our team.

  7. We must constantly strive to be positive bicycling role models and ambassadors to our community, not just for other cyclists, but to motorists, and pedestrians alike. We must challenge ourselves in better understanding what that means as cyclists.

By-laws of the Brazen Dropouts Cycling Club (to be voted on at the next member meeting)


  1. This organization shall be known as the "Brazen Dropouts Bicycle Racing Club", commonly known as the Brazen Dropouts.


  1. The purpose of the Brazen Dropouts is to promote and grow the sport of cycling, and to foster an environment with enhanced accessibility to the sport equally across all ages, genders, ability levels, and disciplines while promoting the betterment of the our members and the cycling community as consistent with the Team Values statement.

ARTICLE III: Membership

  1. Membership is open to all persons. A full membership is granted annually for a calendar year when applied for by the end of the primary sign-up period (ending typically March 1st). Individuals may become a member after this date until October 1st and still receive full team benefits, but dues may be increased by a percentage for a processing fee as determined by the executive committee. Partial memberships are granted after the late sign-up date (typically October 1st), but will only receive limited team benefits (see Section Article 3A - Partial Membership).

  2. Membership dues are required to organize team events, for essential functions to operate the team, maintain membership within local and regional cycling governing bodies, and enhance member experience through a variety of team offerings. Membership dues for a given calendar year will be determined by the executive committee prior to the member enrollment period (typically beginning December 1st of the previous year). Membership ‘categories’ may be formed as determined by the Executive Committee in order to financially aid or promote the growth of certain groups of people. For example, first-year women, collegiate riders, Juniors, etc.

  3. Members in good standing are defined as individuals meeting all membership requirements as defined within these By-laws. Members in good standing also act in a manner that is consistent with the Team Values Statement. Members in good standing shall be eligible for any and all team sponsorship offerings and may choose to nominate themselves or be nominated for a team committee if they so choose.

  4. Failing to act in accordance with team values may result in up to 2 verbal and/or written warnings before a suspension is instated. These conduct records will be maintained by the membership coordinator and reviewed at the time of membership renewal.

  5. Members in poor standing are not entitled to any team or sponsor benefits effective immediately, and maybe subject to loss of team membership without a refund of membership dues.

  6. The Executive Committee reserves the right to suspend membership and it’s privilege after 2 or more warnings have been issued to the member.

    1. A member of the Executive Committee can suspend any member after 2 or more issued warnings with the consent of the Executive Committee.

      1. The validity of the suspension must be voted on by the Executive Committee within 1-week of the issue of the suspension.

      2. Failure for the Executive Committee to vote results in a removal of the suspension.

    2. This suspension is temporary and may stand in effect for up to 2 membership meetings or 4 months, whichever is less.

    3. Suspended members must meet with the Executive Committee, in full, before the 2nd team meeting since the suspension was issued.

      1. If the member does not meet with the executive committee by choice, the executive committee can immediately remove the member with a 50% or greater vote of the executive committee.

      2. 2nd Team Membership meeting: At this meeting the Executive Committee can remove the suspension if the member in question has fulfilled all requests of the executive committee and has acted in a manner consistent with the club values.

      3. In order to remove the member in question from the team, the Executive Committee must explain the justification for the decision through a written statement via email to the member in question and the entire club membership.

      4. A 50% or majority vote of team membership (in attendance of the meeting) is required to remove the member in question from the team during the 2nd team meeting since the suspension began.

  7. In applying for membership, members absolve the Brazen Dropouts, its officers and members, of any responsibility for loss, damage or injury as a result of participation in activities sponsored by the Brazen Dropouts. It is imperative that every member read and sign the release of liability and waiver during the member registration process. This document shall remain indefinitely on record regardless of membership status, and requires agreement and signing each year membership is renewed. Parents or legal guardians of persons under the age of 18 must sign a waiver absolving the Brazen Dropouts of any liability for junior members.

  8. A member in good standing must volunteer in at least 25% of Brazen Dropouts sponsored events.  To receive race paybacks at the end of the calendar year, the member must assist at the Bike Swap and at least one other BD-sponsored event.  If a member is unable to volunteer at the Bike Swap for unforeseen emergency reasons, the executive committee will review that individuals volunteer requirements and reason for Swap absence.

ARTICLE IIIa: Partial and Alternative Membership

  1. Partial memberships are those defined by members who inquire to become a member after the final sign-up period date (typically October 1st).  After this date, the team will not charge a new member for a membership for the remainder of the calendar year, but will maintain a positive relationship with that individual.  

    1. For new member inquires in the later part of the year, the executive committee will control what benefits the new members may receive (access to the team ListServe, team discounts, clothing orders, etc.).

  2. College and/or current University students may be entitled to free membership every year they are enrolled in higher education.  However, the executive committee reserves the right to change membership dues based on financial needs of the club.

    1. Students are entitled to the full value of a kit discount each year.

    2. UW students are required to reside in the greater Madison area during the months of June, July, August to be eligible for race paybacks.

    3. UW students are also expected to represent the Brazen Dropouts in at least one WCA road, CX, or WORS mountain bike event, or participate in a local cycling event (charity-related, etc.) while wearing the Brazen Dropouts cycling kit.  By meeting this requirement, collegiate members will be eligible for race paybacks assuming all other volunteer requirements are met.

    4. If participating in a university-sanctioned event, collegiate riders may wear their University cycling kit, but these races will not be eligible for race paybacks.

ARTICLE IIIb: Race Reimbursement

  1. Race entry fee reimbursement is available to all dues-paying members in good standing that fulfill all of the following volunteer requirements:

    1. The member volunteers for at least one volunteer slot at the Bike Swap.

      1. If a member has joined after the calendar year’s Swap, they will become eligible if they volunteer at the subsequent years Swap.

    2. The member volunteers for at least one volunteer slot at one of the other Brazen Dropout hosted events, such as a cyclocross, crit, or road race.

  2. The maximum reimbursement amount shall be determined by the Treasurer prior to the start each road race season (typically April 1st).  Race reimbursement has traditionally been up to $500 per race season per individual, but this amount may be modified each year by the executive committee. Races are reimbursed up to a certain percentage of the entry fee (not the entire entry fee), in which this percentage is also determined by the Treasurer and may be different for each type of race entry (crit vs road race vs mountain).

  3. To be eligible for reimbursement for a given race, the member must have represented the Brazen Dropouts by wearing a Brazen Dropouts cycling kit for that race.

  4. If specific circumstances or personal reasons do not allow for an individual to volunteer at the Bike Swap or BD-hosted race, their race reimbursement case will be evaluated by the executive committee.

  5. Race reimbursements will be distributed near the end of the calendar year at the annual Swap or team membership meeting, as determined by the treasurer.


ARTICLE IV: Officers and Duties

  1. The Executive committee consists of four elected officers:

    1. President - Is a spokesperson for and represents the Brazen Dropouts when dealing with other organizations, schedules and presides over meetings, and is ultimately responsible for the smooth operation of the Brazen Dropouts.

    2. Vice President - Assists the President and assumes the duties of the President in his absence, whether temporary or permanent due to resignation or removal of the President from office.

    3. Treasurer - Manages finances; prepares, files and maintains financial records of the Brazen Dropouts.

    4. Secretary - Prepares meeting minutes and all non-financial records of the Brazen Dropouts.

      1. Either the secretary or vice president position will cover membership related items; this will be determined by the executive committee.

  2. Elections - Officers are elected annually by a majority of the members present at a scheduled meeting and serve a July 1 - June 30 term. There is no limit to the number of terms an officer may serve. Multiple members may share the responsibilities of any office of the Executive committee when approved by a majority of the membership present at a scheduled membership meeting,

  3. Vacated offices - If an officer is removed, resigns or is otherwise unable to complete his term, the executive committee shall appoint an interim officer to fill the empty position until the next member meeting.  At the subsequent membership meeting, the team will vote to retain that officer for the vacant position for the remainder of the term or appoint someone else to replace the interim through a majority vote of those in attendance.   

  4. Removal from office - If an executive committee leader is not fulfilling his or her duties or is acting against the best interest of the club, any member of the Executive committee may be removed from office, for any reason, by a two-thirds majority of the membership present at a scheduled membership meeting.

  5. Checks & Balances - At no point can any executive committee officer make executive decisions, direct the team, or spend team funds with the direct intent of benefiting him or herself only. If this occurs, that executive committee member will be put on probation immediately and will not be able to make independent team-related decisions without discussing the matter with at least one other executive committee member. If this occurs a second time within the same term, that executive member may be voted off of the executive committee by a two-thirds vote at the subsequent team meeting.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

  1. Membership meetings are held to discuss upcoming events, vote on team matters, for the executive committee to gain input on new developments, and any other items on the meeting agenda as determined by team members and the Executive committee.

  2. One membership meeting is to be scheduled every other month, or as necessary by the executive committee.

  3. A member may ask the President or the Executive committee to schedule a membership meeting before the next scheduled membership meeting.

  4. A written petition of one-fourth of the current membership is sufficient to call a non-scheduled membership meeting if the executive committee does not immediately agree to hold a non-scheduled membership meeting.

  5. Membership meetings are normally scheduled with two weeks notice, but one week is sufficient notice when there are urgent items that need consideration.

  6. A quorum at a scheduled membership meeting is one-third of current membership or 20 members, whichever is less.

  7. The agenda is prepared by the President and the Executive committee or the member(s) responsible for calling the meeting.

  8. Items for the agenda may be submitted by any member to the President for inclusion in a scheduled meeting.

  9. Separate Executive committee meetings are held to discuss new team developments, other team committee matters, plan for upcoming events, and any other executive matters as determined by the Executive committee.

  10. Executive committee meetings are scheduled for the off-month of the membership meetings and as necessary as determined by the Executive committee.  Executive committee meetings are closed to general members of the team, but may be open to other team committee leaders based on communication and decision-making needs for upcoming events.

ARTICLE VI: Committees

  1. The following general committee policies apply unless specifically addressed in Article VI - Section 2:

    1. Committees are formed as deemed necessary by the Executive committee when responsibilities for specific events or tasks become too large for the Executive committee alone and to encourage further involvement from general membership. Committee responsibilities can be limited or broadened in scope as deemed necessary by the Executive committee.

    2. Committee leadership and member positions are filled on a volunteer basis and by final approval by the executive committee.  Committees will be made up of at least one general member as leader and other additional team members (also on volunteer basis) as seen necessary by the given committee leader and the Executive committee. Open committee positions will be announced at membership meetings or via email communication from the Executive committee. Positions are filled on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

    3. All committees report to the Executive committee and shall submit updates to the Executive committee as necessary.  The individual committees are expected to carry out all items necessary within the scope of the committee (as defined in section 2).

    4. Each committee shall be in charge of maintaining the relevant committee documentation as necessary within the team Google Drive organization structure.

    5. Committee members are expected to act in the best interest of the Brazen Dropouts to carry out that committees responsibilities.  If the Executive committee feels that the committee leaders and/or committee members are not fulfilling their duties or are misrepresenting the Brazen Dropouts, the Executive committee may remove members of the given committee with a 50% or greater vote between the four members of the executive committee. The Executive committee must inform the committee leader and/or members if any behavior or decision-making is inconsistent with the club’s best interests and give one month’s time before the removal vote can take place.

    6. Committee leader and member terms are for as long as needed for a specific event or as long as the leader and members want to serve on the committee. For committees formed for specific events, the committee will be formed at a date prior to the event as seen necessary by the Executive committee.  The committee responsibilities include all related tasks after the event has occurred.

    7. Committees remain for as long as the Executive committee sees necessary.  The Executive committee may dissolve a committee with a 50% or greater vote within the Executive committee, and without approval or vote by general team members.

  2. Specific Committees:

    1. Executive committee - As indicated in ARTICLE IV.1, the Executive committee is made up of the four elected officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The chief purpose of the Executive committee is to coordinate all operations of the Brazen Dropouts and to delegate any responsibilities to other committees or members. This includes managing its relationships with and representing the Brazen Dropouts as necessary at its affiliation meetings or events (see Article VIII).

    2. Sponsorship committee - Manages sponsor relationships and contracts.  It is the committee’s responsibility to engage potential sponsors and to update current sponsors with team events, team membership, and potential marketing opportunities.  The committee must relay sponsorship negotiation information from both prospective and current sponsors to the executive committee before the sponsorship is agreed upon.  The committee needs to fully understand and communicate the sponsor’s expectations to the Executive committee, other committees, and all members to ensure a positive relationship.  

    3. Bike Swap committee - Manages all aspects of preparation for and operation of the annual Bicycle Swap. The committee shall organize and recruit subcommittee leaders and members to cover all aspects of the Bike Swap. This includes, but is not limited to, event promotion, event space reservation, volunteer coordination, and all related financials.

    4. Race committees - Manages all aspects of road races, time trials, criteriums, cyclocross, or mountain bike races that are promoted by the Brazen Dropouts. Each event will require formation of an individual committee, which will be formed at a reasonable time prior to the event and will be dissolved after all necessary activities and communications are completed after the event.

    5. Clothing committee - Manages the ordering and distribution of the race clothing by the Brazen Dropouts. The clothing committee shall establish a clothing order schedule for each year and communicate this to all team members.  

    6. Membership committee - Manages all aspects of memberships in the Brazen Dropouts, including the maintenance of a current membership list, signed waivers from members, and membership policy. Membership organization will be organized in a place of the Membership committee’s choice (Example: BikeReg, Excel, etc).  The committee leader is responsible for sending the most up-to-date member list to sponsors as necessary. This position has typically been held by an executive committee member.

    7. Website committee - Maintains all aspects of the club's Internet presence: the website and email groups, the contract with the Web hosting service, and domain name registration. Website content will not be controlled exclusively by the Website committee; the Executive committee will also have significant control over website content and will be assisted by the Website committee as needed.

    8. Social media committee - Moderates and submits updates on all team social media accounts, which may include, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Strava. The social media committee shall post at least one update or photo to each social media outlet per month. Posts to the social media accounts needs to adhere to sponsorship requirements when necessary, as determined by the Sponsorship committee.. The executive committee will also have access to all social media accounts.  Absolutely no profanity, political stances, or obvious spelling and grammar mistakes are allowed at any time on the Brazen Dropouts social media accounts.  All content should be team or bicycle-community oriented.

    9. Juniors (U18) program committee - Manages recruitment and development of junior racers through age 18. Coordinates membership requirements with the Membership committee, and is responsible for primary communication with Juniors members and their parents or guardians.

    10. Women’s Leadership committee - Encourages women of all ages to grow their cycling experience through learning, sharing, and riding; will promote cycling events, team group rides, and activities to current and prospective women riders, and shall coordinate a women’s specific event or gathering every other month.

    11. Other committees - Ad hoc committees may be formed by order of the Executive committee. Such a committee has specific tasks directed by the Executive committee. Upon the completion of these tasks the committee is dissolved.


  1. The fiscal year of the Brazen Dropouts shall be a calendar year, beginning March 1 and ending the last day of February.

  2. The Executive committee is responsible for preparing and proposing an annual budget to the general membership of the Brazen Dropouts. This budget must be approved by a majority of the members present at a scheduled membership meeting.

  3. A financial report is prepared and presented annually by the Treasurer.

  4. Upon the request of any member and with the approval of a majority of members at a membership meeting, the financial records may be opened for inspection at any time of the calendar year.

  5. All financial spending related to the team is done on a reimbursement basis, except when agreed upon by the executive committee for large expenditures (>$500). Members will be reimbursed for supplies and materials purchased in conjunction and with the approval of committee leaders (swap director, race directors, etc.). Reimbursement will not include use of personal vehicles except that a reasonable mileage differential will be reimbursed for hauling the trailer to events for the benefit of the team.

ARTICLE VIII: Affiliations

  1. The Brazen Dropouts is a member club of USA Cycling (USAC).

  2. The Brazen Dropouts is a member club of the Wisconsin Cycling Association (WCA).

ARTICLE IX: Team Communication

  1. The website, and email lists (, and are the three main forms of communication between members, prospective members, and other bicycle ride organizers.  

    1. The ‘Ride’ list is to be used for those within the Brazen Dropouts organization as well as others in the greater Madison community to announce local rides and events. This is a public list and is open to anyone who requests access, upon the membership coordinator’s approval.

    2. The ‘Member’ list, which is only open to dues-paying members, is to be used for communication and announcements regarding team events, upcoming meetings, team rides, bicycle and bicycle equipment for sale, and other committee-to-team member communication.  If new members would like to sign-up after October 1st, the membership coordinator may add the individual to the member email list if the executive committee approves.  If this individual does not pay dues at the next membership period (typically January 1st - March 1st), then they will be removed from the list until dues are paid.

    3. ListServ usage policies:

      1. Large email chain communication on either email list is discouraged when discussion topics do not concern the entire team or cycling-related matters. Only ‘Reply All’ when absolutely necessary.

      2. Professional and respectful language shall be used at all times; violation of this policy may be subject to code of conduct corrective action to all offending parties up to and including removal from the lists and or dismissal from the team.

      3. Sponsors, team members, or other cycling teams/individuals should never be discussed in a negative context or libel.  If an individual member or group of members do not agree with sponsor agreements, individual behavior, other team behavior, etc., they shall discuss the matter with only the executive committee via email or in a face-to-face meeting. Violation of this policy may be subject to code of conduct corrective action.

      4. Always include your name somewhere in the message so those who are receiving or replying know who the sender is.

ARTICLE X: Amendments

  1. These Bylaws can be amended at any time at a scheduled membership meeting by a majority of the Executive committee and a quorum of the members present. The amendment is to be submitted in writing to the Executive committee at least two weeks in advance of a scheduled membership meeting and the proposed amendment will be sent to the team email list to allow for others to view it.

ARTICLE XI: Dissolution

  1. The Brazen Dropouts can be dissolved at any time by a two-thirds majority of the members present at a membership meeting specifically scheduled for this purpose. If the Brazen Dropouts is dissolved, the Executive committee will determine the remaining debt-free assets and donate these assets to the Wisconsin Cycling Association, a recognized 501(c)(3).

ARTICLE XII: Code of Conduct

  1. It is the expectation that every person in the Brazen Dropouts Racing Club, current members in good standing, collegiate racers, junior racers, and persons that have access to the club’s respective ListServs, will act in a manner that fosters our team mission of camaraderie, respect, and inclusiveness.

  2. It is also the expectation that every person related to the Brazen Dropouts will conduct themselves as ambassadors to cycling as well as to the community at large whether or not in a recognized Brazen Dropouts jersey or team wear.

  3. It is the also the expectation that in order to remain a Brazen Dropout or an affiliate, one must conduct his/herself in a manner that exceeds the expectation for considerate and courteous behavior within the the community at large.

  4. Brazen Dropout members shall treat each other, and everyone else in the community, with equivalence, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, cycling race category, skill level, or discipline.

  5. To remain in good standing with the club, each member must volunteer at 25% of a calendar year’s events.  Failure to maintain this will result in the disciplinary procedure as below. Requirements to receive race paybacks are stated in Article 3B.

  6. Failure to comply with these expectations may lead to the following disciplinary action up to or including termination from the team:

    1. Disciplinary Procedure

      1. First offense will receive a documented verbal warning discussing the nature of the offense as well as corrective action along with a timeline to review the corrective action. Failure to comply may accelerate the disciplinary protocol.

      2. Second offense will receive a written warning discussing the nature of the offense and corrective action along with a timeline to review the corrective action. Failure to comply with the corrective action may lead to termination and forfeiture of team benefits.

      3. Third offense will result in termination from the team and forfeiture of any expected race paybacks or any other team benefits.