Spring Break 2018!

March 28th through April 1st, eight members made the trip down to Nashville, Indiana (about 45 minutes east of Bloomington) to get in five solid days of training. Brown County Park brought the best climbing, and with Nashville sitting in a valley, every route had some great variety in terrain. Despite some rough road conditions from the winter and scattered rain storms, the team rode every day of the trip, with total mileage at 250 miles for some of our riders. Staying in a cabin and doing community-style meals really helped distribute costs to make this trip attainable for everyone. This was our second year doing a team trip, and no doubt, we'll continue to do them. 

Check out some of our photos on our Facebook page, and hit us up if you're interested in learning more about riding in the Nashville area (there's also great mountain biking). We're definitely excited and prepared for the season ahead!