First and foremost, we value the great friendship that results from each of us coming together and sharing the mutual enjoyment of amateur bicycle racing.

All of us have different goals associated with our racing. Each person should strive to recognize each other's goals and support fellow teammates in reaching their individual cycling goals.

All of us have different, important outside obligations, including family, work/careers, school and other interests that require our time and attention.  Each person recognizes other's outside obligations and supports teammates in successfully balancing their outside obligations and their racing.

We are a unique organization that has outlasted many others.  This longevity can be traced to the following values and guidelines of conduct:

  1. We have deep appreciation from the camaraderie and friendship we get from cycling, therefore; Think of people first.
  2. We strive to treat our sponsors with integrity, therefore; Be an active, considerate and positive representative of our sponsors in all interactions with the public.  Wear your jersey as often as possible on training rides.
  3. We look around at others who physically or mentally burnt out on racing and realize that by keeping this club and our racing pursuits fun, we succeed as individuals on and off our bikes.
  4. We make every effort to give our support to our events.  These are what generate the funds to keep the club going and they have also become institutions of the cycling community.  Those members that fulfill the efforts that are expected are eligible for race reimbursements and sponsor discounts.
  5. We recognize that input and ideas are encouraged from all members.  Our meetings are where ideas should be openly discussed, not on the email list-serve.  Please bring your topics to Leadership for addition to the meeting agenda so that we may discuss it openly.