Our Values

The Brazen Dropouts Bicycle Racing Club honors these core values above anything else:

1.     Teamship, teammates and camaraderie are more important than race finishes.

2.     All members are considered equal in the eyes of the club, regardless of race category, skill level, cycling discipline, age, race, gender, and ethnicity.

3.     Members are encouraged, but not required, to race. Take your racing seriously, but not too seriously. 

4.     Our team is only successful when everyone acts in the best interest of the club and invests some of their own personal time as volunteers and leaders.

5.     We understand that cycling does not always come first in member’s lives. 

6.     Our sponsors and affiliates are equal members to the team.  The Brazen Dropouts must represent those as we do our team.

7.     We must constantly strive to be positive bicycling role models and ambassadors to our community, not just for other cyclists, but to motorists, and pedestrians alike. We must challenge ourselves in better understanding what that means as cyclists.