2016 Race Season Paybacks Policy

Race Payback Maximum - $500 for 2016 race year

Typical Payback Amounts:

'Small Races' - $20/race

(Most WCA road, CX races and WORS series)

'Large Races' - $25/race

(Races like ToAD, Nationals, US-based tour races, etc.)

Juniors will receive reimbursement as noted above, unless their year-end sum is greater than total race entry. In this case, only the total amount of race entries will be reimbursed.

2nd race of the day (usually $10) is not reimbursable.

Overnight hotel/camping expenses - $30/night maximum

Race must be at least 2.5 hours away from Madison to be eligible.

*Volunteer requirements per BD Bylaws must be met to be eligible for paybacks.

The 2016 'live' race paybacks log can be found HERE. For 2017, wait until a new file is created. 2016 paybacks have already been processed by the BD treasurer; changes to this file will not be monitored.