Top 10's at the 10th ToAD

As competitive Wisconsin cyclists, many of us look forward to the last couple weeks of June for the Tour of America's Dairyland.  We are very fortunate to have 11 straight days of pro-level race experiences right at our next-door neighbors (shout out to all the greater Milwaukee-area communities and Janesville for hosting!).  Whether you race or cheer the racers on as a spectator, the event leaves everyone with some great memories, and continues to bring the excitement of cycling to everyone. 

Throughout the event, our racers represented BD and our sponsors very well across four primary categories.  As our values state, we take racing seriously, but not too seriously. This is exemplified continuously by all of our racers as we put team camaraderie and support before the pressure to win.  ToAD brings some of the best riders from the Midwest and beyond, producing the largest fields we'll see this year.  Cracking the top 10 in any ToAD race is definitely an achievement for our riders.  A few racers got involved in some crashes, but we're thankful everyone walked away with minimal scrapes/bruises and bike damage.

Here are some of the highlights for the Brazen Dropouts from the 2018 Tour of America's Dairyland.  Another big shout-out to our sponsors for supporting us all year!

Jamani Bergh   |   Juniors 17-18   |   Omnium: 2nd
Port Washington - 1st (4th overall in 4/5)
Downer - 1st (3rd overall in 4/5)
Bayview - 2nd (5th overall in 4/5)
West Bend - 3rd (10th overall in 4/5)

Kaitlyn Agnew   |   Category 3 Women
Waukesha - 1st
Grafton - 6th
Downer - 6th

Craig Billings   |   Master's 3/4
Kenosha - 8th

Derek Landwehr     Category 3 Men
Downer - 2nd
East Tosa - 5th

Ben Grabow   |   Category 3 Men
Waukesha - 3rd
Downer - 10th

Peter Armstrong   |   Category 3 Men
Shorewood - 9th

Photo Credits:
Jonathan Ninmer -
and members of BD.